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Serving all of Rhode Island, Hub Digital offers full-service marketing at affordable and reasonable rates for small businesses. Every business needs to promote themselves, but not every business knows how to. Hiring large agencies or full-time marketing help can be expensive, and it's important for small businesses to maximize and account for every dollar spent. Hub Digital offers the quality work of a large firm, but with the attention and commitment of a single person. With a focus on all things web based, Hub Digital works to demystify the online and digital world for our clients by effectively utilizing social media, online advertising, paid ad word search and optimizing their websites so it can be easily discovered by prospective clients and customers. Have a great online presence without sacrificing your time and money.

Online Marketing Services

- SEO Strategy and Execution
- Website Design
- Social Media Marketing and Management
- Blogging and Copywriting
- Grassroots Marketing Strategy and Execution
- Email Marketing - List Development and Template Building
- Paid Search
- Display Ad Purchase and Design
- Graphic Design

About Amy Levesque Fields, President/CEO

Amy Levesque Fields of Hub Digital Marketing is an online and digital expert in Rhode Island.

Amy began her passion for marketing while in school at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Originally a Journalism Major, she found that she enjoyed helping businesses grow, and switched over to Advertising and Public Relations. Following school she joined the series of hyper local news sites, Patch.com where she met and helped many small business owners with their online presence. While getting them running on Patch, she discovered their need for help with marketing, digital marketing in particular. She often found herself assisting with SEO, social media, and other ad buys. As the daughter of a small business owner, she knew how much work it took to run a company, and how little time there was remaining for all the extra pieces involved in a marketing campaign. After leaving Patch in early 2014 she decided to start Hub Digital, continuing to help small businesses figure out how to stand out.

Amy loves reality TV, reading, and traveling. However, she spends a majority of her free time doting after her favorite animal, and company mascot, Hubble the French Bulldog. She and "Hubs" enjoy eating, going for long walks when the weather is nice, playing tug-of-war, napping, and of course just hanging around looking adorable.