because sometimes all you need is a little direction...

Listen, I get it. Not everyone is in a position (or has the desire), to have someone manage their marketing for them. Sometimes budgets are tight, or being allocated to other things (you know... like running a business...). But, that doesn't mean that you don't deserve, and need, a well rounded marketing strategy that is focused on growing your business online. DIYing it can often feel overwhelming and time consuming, and leave you questioning each and every step.

Is my website optimized for search? How do I even do that?

Should I be on social media? Which outlets are right for my business?

Do I need a sales funnel? What is that anyways?

Where are my customers? How do I find them?

Am I even doing this right??

Take a deep breath. I've got you.

Digital marketing consulting, Rhode Island, Hub Digital.

growing your business doesn't have to be stressful...

Do you believe me when I say that? Because it's the truth! With a little help and guidance along the way (from someone who's done this a few times), putting together a successful strategy doesn't have to be overwhelming, frustrating, time consuming, or money wasting. 


because here's how it's going to go...

grow your business online with Hub Digital

we chat!

grow your business with Hub Digital.

we plan!

grow your business online with Hub Digital.

we implement!


We'll dive deep into your business and uncover your goals, your struggles, your target customer, and your ideal marketing platforms through one-on-one calls, focused on you.

Between content calendars, social media strategies and sales funnels, together we'll put together the perfect marketing strategy for your business.

You don't have to go it alone! While putting the plan in place, I'll be here to answer questions, offer advice, or help you navigate the more tricky parts (including all that yucky tech stuff!).


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Hey There!

I'm Amy, and I have helped hundreds of business owners create successful strategies that grow their businesses online. As a small business owner myself, I totally get it. Time and budgets can be tight, so choosing to invest in something means that it need to be realistic (yes, you can actually do it yourself), actionable (without all the fluff), and produce real results (aka more traffic, more sales, more money).

Oh, and that sweet little face in the pictures is Hubble the dog/Hub Digital mascot. He lives with me, my hubby, and my new baby girl.

Online consulting packages with Hub Digital to grow your business.

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I'm ready to grow! Let's do this!