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Driving Your Marketing Through the Fall

Here’s the deal though - While it may seem easier to push it off to the new year, a successful marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight.

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12 Affirmations for Selling Confidence

Having confidence while selling is can be REALLY difficult. It can feel uncomfortable asking people for pay you for your products or services. It can feel awkward asking someone to sign on the dotted line.

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Our Favorite Business Beach Reads 2019

Summer has FINALLY arrived here on the East Coast and the warm weather makes us excited for the beach and a good book. And while love a good romance novel (hey, don’t judge!), sometimes it helps us feel more productive to combine our lounge time with our learning time, and dive into a good business read while sun tanning.

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How to Survive the Holiday Season as a Business Owner

If you can believe it, the holiday season is pretty much upon us. Before you know it, you'll be trying to balance your normal workload with holiday parties, present shopping, wrapping, and family in town.

And while it's so tempting to just take a break from all the social posting, and blogging and marketing work (I mean... let's be honest.. you're audience is busy too), where does that leave you in the New Year?

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