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How to Make More Passive(ish) Income in Your Business

What!? 2 Guest Experts in June!

That's right, starting this month we're bringing you 2 Guest Expert Trainings each month!

So, who did we bring in as our super special 2nd guest expert in June? 

We brought in Affiliate Marketing genius April Lewis, and we're talking all about using your audience to make passive(ish) income each and every month. 

Now, I can see you giving me the side eye. I get that is sounds a little bit sketchy. We've all seen those ads on Facebook promising things that end up not panning out. They end up costing you money (instead of making you money) and leaving you feeling kinda of... yucky...

But, I promise you, this is NOT that! (would I ever do that to you?). April is getting real and sharing every detail of her own journey in Affiliate Marketing (including LEGIT income numbers), and shedding some light on things she's learned along the way. 

To April, affiliate marketing isn't about just selling people things (although the money is a great bi product!), but rather sharing your passion for different products or services. It's about teaching people tools to help make their business, or life, better.

She's telling her own growth story, giving us the 411 on how to find programs that make sense for you, and sharing some of her best tips on how to build upon your success to make more money each month. (And who doesn't want that!?)

If' you've ever considered Affiliate Marketing, or have looked into ways to make more (or even some at all) passive revenue each and every month then this training is for you!

Get her training (PLUS even more amazing content from other guest experts, and your's truly) this month inside The Digital Marketing Hub!

The Black & White Reality of Technology’s Place In Your Business’ Growth Strategy
Learn more about why digital marketing is so important for a small business in Rhode Islsand.

We live in a digital environment and what grew businesses in the past is no longer going to work moving forward.  Technology is a part of our everyday lives and social media is really just a slang term for how the majority of people communicate and consume information today.  There was a real shift in digital marketing in 2016, and as we’ve moved into 2017 there are some major realities that everyone needs to be mindful of, such as the importance of authenticity and transparency in creating organic content, as well as the critical nature of how and where you deliver that content.  Organic vs. paid reach is where the action is (which we’re super excited about) and the ability to remain open and agile will be the difference between success or failure when it comes to a company’s digital marketing strategy. 

Life, and business, shifts over time and change can be a good thing.  Stop and think about the changes that people, and businesses, experienced when the printing press was created.  How about radio and television?  Do you remember just a few decades ago when so many business owners thought websites, and the internet in general, was a fad?  Or, think about those business owners that understood the value of email marketing early on and had great success with that.  There were crazy open rates back then upwards of 90% compared to today’s average of 15-28% (depending on industry).  We’re just trying to illustrate that there are so many small to mid sized business owners out there that are still pushing against essential elements of marketing and growth strategies!

There’s more competition for attention now than there ever has been, and if a company out there wants to be heard by their identified target audience then they’ve got to figure out where that audience is putting their attention.  And, they need to also understand that when their audience is on these different platforms the messaging needs to be crafted specifically for them in that space.  It sounds like a lot and we’re not going to sugar coat it, it kind of is, but with the right strategy in place it can all be streamlined, efficient and even fun.  Understanding how to utilize technology to grow your business is paramount.  Creating great content then being able to distribute it in a way that your audience will want to consume it is the key that unlocks the door to engagement and reach. 

Ready to ditch the fear of the unknown and take the reins? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Self Awareness is key

Companies first need to really focus in on who they are, what they do and why they do it, then they need to create content that tells that story.  

Identify Your Audience

They need to clearly identify and understand who their target audience and where their attention is and/or how they’re consuming information.  

Remain Open and Agile

The work is not over yet, as this digital landscape is changing constantly and businesses must continue to experiment with where their audience’s interest and engagement is!  

Quality Content Matters

Today’s consumers are savvy digital hunters and they’re discovering businesses for the first time through Google searches or social media.  Smart marketers know that they have to focus on creating authentic quality content and customized messaging for the social platforms that have been identified as making the most sense for that specific business. Organic reach vs. paid reach is super important in this saturated marketplace and by understanding how to identify (and use properly) key words, key phrases and all the other important components of creating quality content is HUGE.  

Sell The Way Customers Want To Buy

That quality content then needs to be served up properly onto the different platforms, from a blog post on a website (a website that is set up properly as this is the foundation of a solid digital marketing strategy), to a carefully crafted video posted on YouTube, to the images posted on Instagram and so on let the amazing technology work efficiently and effectively to grow your business!  This is the tip of the iceberg and just a brief overview of how businesses need to embrace all the fantastic technology driven world that we are now living in and create digital marketing strategies that will help rank them higher and be seen by the people that want to buy whatever service or product they’re selling. 

Stay Committed to Your 2017 Marketing Plan
Learn how you can committ to a successful marketing plan in 2017 with the girls from Hub Digital Marketing.

Did you struggle with your marketing in 2016? Did you want to blog, had plans to cultivate your email list, and tried to come up with something clever to post social media? Well, you've already taken the first step towards making 2017 more successful for your business. Knowing that your digital marketing is important, and wanting to do something to better it, is key to getting you started in the right direction. 

Now it's time to do something with that drive. Make a commitment right now that you will not give up on your digital marketing this year. You are going to write engaging blogs, connect with clients on your email list, and rock your social media. Sound good? Good! Check out the video below to find out how you're going to do all of this while still having the time to run your business.

Pretty cool right? Ready to dive in? Of course you are! Click here to learn more about "How To Create a Year's Worth of Content In One Day" and see what you can do for yourself and your business for an under $20 investment.

Webinars are Scary. Pt. 2 of 2

Ok last week we just began to scratch the surface of webinars. Hopefully by now you've done a little bit of research, or at least put a little bit of thought into running a webinar to promote your business. If you're like me, I'm sure the thought of running your own webinar is quickly followed by a "Hell No". Webinars are a lot of work. Webinars are a lot of time. Webinars are a WHOLE lot of scary. 

Well today we're breaking down some of the biggest objections to running a webinar and how you can talk yourself through them. Who knows, maybe you'll even want to give one a try after this?

1. Webinars are expensive - Listen, there are absolutely some software platforms out there that carry a hefty price tag. But take the time to do some research and see if there are some platforms that work in your budget. GoToWebinars and Easy Webinar start at as little as $30 per month (depending on the number of participants) if you need more presenter controls. As a bonus, many of them offer free 14 or 30 day trials. Sign up right before you give your webinar to give it a try for free then cancel if it doesn't work for you. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to broadcast your message and don't care about the bells and whistles, Google Hangouts is a great free option.

2. Webinars take time - Of course they do. Everything worth doing takes time. But if investing a couple hours of your time leads to a significant amount of new leads or customers, isn't it worth doing? Listen, I have to break out a little of the tough love here. You're an entrepreneur. You don't get free time - at least in the beginning. A couple late nights or early mornings that lead to an increase in revenue are certainly worth it to me. Also, once you start the process, it will become more and more efficient with each one you give. It's getting through the first one that is the doozy. 

3. No one is going to show up - Ever heard that saying, "Fake it until you make it"? No one has to know you only have 10 people calling in. Act like you have hundreds and your listeners will never know the difference. Think of your audience as quality not quantity. The people that are here are really interested in what you have to say and are ready to purchase from you. Not to mention, your first few webinars are probably going to be filled with things you want to change or work on. Think of this small audience as your practice audience while you grow your list. A few more things to keep in mind:

- Utilize email and social outlets to promote your webinar for a minimum of 2-3 weeks leading up to the event. Putting some money behind Facebook ads could prove a big payout in the future.
- Know that only about 20-30% of registrants are going to actually show up for your webinar. People get busy and their schedules change so make sure you ALWAYS send out a replay of your webinar for those who missed it. A recent study by Adobe showed that 55% of registrants went back and watched the replay after the live event passed. This means more chances to connect to your audience and sell them.

4. Public speaking is scary - Here's my response to that - So what? Of course public speaking is uncomfortable. They wouldn't give classes on it in high school if it was easy for everyone. Sometimes life is uncomfortable and sometimes we have to do things outside of our comfort zone. Think of each webinar as an opportunity to talk about the thing that you are an expert in - your business! Before you start turn on some pump-up music (I tend to gravitate towards Katy Perry's Roar) and remind yourself how knowledgeable, confident and smart you are. People are here to learn from you, and you're here to give them what they want.

Ok, now that we've talked through some of these objections this should be an option that you're seriously considering to promote your own products or services. Do some more research on the best software to run your webinar in and head on over to Amy Porterfield's Site for some best practices. She even has a full course dedicated strictly towards maximizing your webinars for sales. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me!