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How Facebook Reactions Are Helping Your Business Page

Yes, I know I did a Facebook blog last week. But unless you've been living under a rock, at this point you should have noticed the new Facebook Reaction emojis and I think those are important to talk about. Just in case you actually have been living under a rock (or too busy binge watching all 9 seasons of "The Office"), Facebook now offers the ability to "react", in a variety of ways, to posts including laughter, shock and even anger.

To me, these new Facebook emojis offer a chance for your fans to interact in a more meaningful way. As many page owners know, just getting people to see your posts can be a challenge. New rules around serving organic content have severely limited a business' reach on Facebook, and have left many marketers struggling to figure out how to connect with their customers.  When you are finally able to get in front of a consumer, the questions then becomes how to get them to interact with your post. Encouraging commenting and sharing is even harder, as many consumers won't take that extra step. You want to know what they think about your post, they're just not telling you.

Thankfully with the implementation of the new Facebook Reactions, you can finally get some insight into how your audience is reacting to your posts. Now with one touch they can tell you whether they "Like" your post, "Love" it or even if it makes them "Sad" or "Angry". Eliciting emotions from your consumers helps them connect even more with your brand and shows you how they are feeling about the content you are posting. As a marketer (and as a business owner, you are a marketer) the more information you can have on your target market (even if that information is they love cat videos) the better.