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Do I Really HAVE to Blog? Short Answer: YES!

Ahhh blog. The “4 letter” word that can strike fear in the heart of many business owners. You open up that word document to that big, blank, white page and see that cursor just sitting there, blinking. All of a sudden your mind goes blank, and you have no idea what to write about.

Creating content for your blog or social media sites can be a daunting task. With so many other things you have to do on a daily basis to run your business, posting to a blog can seem like the absolutely last thing on your list. You may even be thinking to yourself, “Why would I bother writing a  blog anyways?”

Here’s the deal, for those of us that aren’t fans of writing (or being in front of a video camera), putting together a blog or vlog (that’s right! You don’t just have to write it!) can seem like a daunting task. But whether you type it up, or film it from your iPhone, a blog can be super valuable for driving more sales to your store. Let’s break it down a little.

  1. It boosts your SEO - When it comes to ranking higher in Google searches, blogging is the #1 way to do it. Part of Google’s algorithm ranks websites based on how much recent content has been posted, and if the keywords in it match someones search. Writing, or creating video blogs, gives you the opportunity to add fresh content all the time, and add tons of keywords to your site. Increasing your SEO means more organic traffic (and more shoppers) headed to your website!

  2. It connects you with your customers - While customers will always love a good sale, sometimes you may not have anything going on. Or maybe you notice your email open rates, or social media engagement, going down because the only time you reach out to them is when you’re pitching them to buy something. A blog is a great way to create content that can connect with your customers, and get them talking about your brand in a unique way. Creating content around top trends, upcoming new product launches, and style ideas can get your audience excited and ready to shop.

  3. It makes you the expert in your industry -  People like to buy from brands that they trust. Creating a blog filled with great tips, advice and information builds that trust with potential customers. Not only are they more likely to buy, but they are more likely to become brand champions, promoting you to their family and friends.

  4. It makes you shareable - Getting in people’s newsfeeds is getting harder and harder these days. And only posting about selling your products isn’t going to cut it anymore. Blogs are a great way to get your name out there and shared among people who may not be in your current network.

But here’s the deal, don’t feel like you have to commit to a single format that you’re super uncomfortable with. Don’t like writing? It’s all good, put together a vlog instead! What’s important is that you’re creating value for your customers. Creating content is one of the most cost effective things you can do to grow your business. Don’t shy away from it, and watch how traffic and engagement grow!

Video 8 of 8: Genius Content Marketing Hacks and Blog Ideas

It’s the final installment of our 8 week video blog idea series, and we’re ending it up with something timely to the season.

That’s right, it’s all about playing up the season, time of year, or things that are happening in the world around you. But, how can you relate it back to your business? I’m giving you a few real life examples of how you can take your business and make it relevant to the time of year.

Check the video out below and in case you missed any of our previous blogs make sure you check them out and get your blog game strong for 2019!

Video 1: Using your customers

Video 2: The most bookmark worthy blog posts

Video 3: Getting blogs without having to actually write them

Video 4: What you probably are forgetting to do

Video 5: Utilizing articles and news content

Video 6: The topic you know the most about

Video 7: The best blogs for SEO

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Video 7 of 8: Genius Content Marketing Hacks and Blog Ideas

Outside of providing amazing value for our clients/customers, we also should be using our blogs to drive more organic traffic and rank higher in search.

In today's installment in our 8 part Blog Idea videos series, it's all about SEO. I'm giving you my top tips to writing blog posts that move you up in Google Search Results, drive more organic traffic, and create new brand champions.

Not only is this week's topic meant for SEO, but it's also mean to attract new customers to your brand, and ease them into your area of expertise in a way that makes them feel comfortable, understood, and valued.

Check it out below!

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Video 6 of 8: Genius Content Marketing Hacks and Blog Ideas

Part 6 of our 8 week blog ideas series should be a topic start that should come easily to you (even if writing doesn’t). It’s something you know a TON about (trust me, you do), and have probably told the story of multiple times, over and over already.

What’s the topic? You!

That’s right, this week it’s all about you, and it’s the perfect topic as 2018 wraps up and we look to the new year. Check out the video below to get my take on how to tell your story, and why talking about yourself can be so important.

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Video 5 of 8: Genius Content Marketing Hacks and Blog Ideas

This week it's all about how to get content out without having to write it yourself - because sometimes you're just too busy, too tired, or just simply don't have anything you want to write about yourself.

We’ve all been there - in fact, many of us feel like we live in this place. Staying consistent with writing and sharing great content is HARD. It’s why so many business owners and entrepreneurs go weeks (and months, and even years) between posting content on their site.

It's all good! There is NO judgement here about that (because I’m guilty of it myself). Just know that you can share valuable content with your audience, get great SEO keywords on your site AND not spend hours trying to think of something to write about. Check it out below!

Oh, and if you want another tip for getting maximum blog impact with as little effort as possible, check out the video from Week 3!

Video 4 of 8: Genius Content Marketing Hacks and Blog Ideas

There’s something that all great businesses should do but that we often forget about (I know I am absolutely guilty of this as well).

There’s something that not only will create amazing blog content, but can be used in your email campaigns and social posts as well. It’s something that showcases your business in it’s best light, and helps push potential customers and clients over the edge.

Dying to know what it is? Check out the video below to find out!

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Video 3 of 8: Genius Content Marketing Hacks and Blog Ideas

We’re back and today in part 3 of our 8 part blogging idea series we've got something to help you get content out when you just don't feel like writing it.

That's right - it's a hack to get maximum impact for minimum effort. Because sometimes you need that in the middle of the week. Check out the video below to learn one of our favorite techniques to getting great content out there when you just don’t feel like it.

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Video 2 of 8: Genius Content Marketing Hacks and Blog Ideas

Didn’t I promise you I’d be back with more genius blog hacks? That’s right - after a brief distraction (we had some really cool stuff going on!) I’m bringing you Video 2 of our 8 part video series with ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

This weeks idea is one of my favorite ways to get people saving, bookmarking and pinning your blog to refer back to over and over again. Check it out below and get blogging!

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How to Ensure Your Blogs Actually Get Written

Ok guys, I'm bringing you some tough love today!

Ok, maybe it's not that tough, but it is something that you may not want to hear. It's all about content marketing (aka blogging). Now, before you start going off on how "blog" is a 4 letter word, listen up.

I get it - blogging is tough.... especially when you don't enjoy writing. But we all know how important content marketing is (and if you don't... then just go back and look at some of my previous videos/posts)

So, today I'm bringing you one of my favorite, easiest tips to help make staying productive easier, and help alleviate that "blank page" anxiety.

Oh, and I've even got a super cool blog brainstorming template for you to download and fill out so you can streamline your ideas so you always have something to write about.

Download my Blog Idea Planner

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How to write blogs for Google AND Your Customers
writing blogs that appeal to potential customers and for SEO from Hub Digital.

We talk A LOT about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to write blogs and content that satisfies the "Google God's" and all their algorithms. But often times, it's easy to get caught up in writing for Google, and forget that there are REAL people on the other end who are actually reading your content. Today we wanted to dive into 5 of the most important things to keep in mind when writing your blogs to ensure that you're appealing to both the automated search bots AND the human beings who have the potential to become your clients or customers.

  1. The Importance of Being Human Even (or Especially) When Writing for SEO!  We can’t stress enough that being human matters.  Always remember that the whole point of all of this is to grow your business.  Right?  So, once you’ve gotten someone to your site you want to keep them engaged by sharing authentic information that will set you apart from your competition and hopefully build relationships (brand advocates) (and clients) that will convert to sales!  Write in an authentic voice that is speaking directly to that target audience and make sure you’re sharing relevant information that they (should) find of interest.  
  2. Self Awareness & Keyword Research…  We always work very closely with our clients to identify their UVP (unique value proposition) and/or differentiator in their business vertical.  It is so very important to really understand what you do, why it is special, what you enjoy doing in your business and what your clients or customers like, enjoy, and find special about your business. Sharing information based on this information is key to creating rich content that works for you.  Then doing research around all of this and utilizing these keywords and key phrases through your SEO strategy is super important.  Need help researching keywords? Check out some of our favorite resources: Google Keyword Planner , Moz Keyword Explorer 
  3. Hone in on ‘Who’ Your Searcher Is and Write for Them Only!  Do you have a clear picture or, even better a written down description of who your target audience is?  Can you paint a clear picture of them in your mind?  If not, this is a GREAT best practice tip in and of itself.  Once you’ve figured this out you should always be mindful that that is who you are writing for.  The title that they would find interesting, the keywords you’ve identified that they would be searching (which should be in the title and the description, and don’t forget your meta data), content that they will find of interest, and so on.  Get what we’re trying to say here?  

    We know that #TheStruggleIsReal and we hear so many clients, friends and students complain about sitting down to write only to end up staring at a blank screen with their fingers on the keyboard for 30 minutes with nothing to show for it!  Have no fear! Our FREE booklet ‘A Year’s Worth of Blogspiration’ is nothing short of pure gold with an entire year’s worth of idea generators to help you be proactive and get sales!  Go ahead, don’t be afraid, get it now and we promise it will make all of this so much easier!   
  4. Use Internal Links (back to your own site, like we just did in the last tip ;)) and External Links (to other reputable sites)!  We often recommend that you write first, then go back through and add these links. It is generally easier to flow freely (once you’ve identified your topic and done your research of course) then go back through to make sure this important tactic is used!  It’s a super important ‘best practice’ in your overall integrated SEO strategy.  
  5. Break Up Walls of Text.  Humans have a continuously shrinking attention span.  Fact. Scientists continue to study and prove this!   So, when you’re writing your blogs make sure to format it in an engaging and ‘pleasing to the eye’ way.  Subtitles, lists, bullet points and images (or video) are great ways to accomplish this.  You don’t have to stress about writing long articles or white papers. Instead focus on creating 400-600 word engaging blogs weekly (or at least twice per month) is optimal.  And when you are using those eye-catching, engaging images just don’t forget to have your ALT tags in place!  

We love educating and empowering our clients, and you, the small business owner – it is just who we are and what drives us.   We hope you find these tips helpful.  And, as always feel free to share the love and empower other friends, family or colleagues…knowledge is power!

6 tips to overcome blogging block from Hub Digital Marketing, Rhode Island.

One of the biggest mental blocks most business owner’s face when creating blog posts is…coming up with the topic ideas. You can stare at that blank document with your fingers resting on the keyboard for a good 30 minutes, squinting your eyes and wracking your brain trying to come up with something to put down that will impress the masses! It's easy to become discouraged or frustrated and push it off until tomorrow. Unfortunately, that "tomorrow" gets farther and farther away and before you know it, it's been 2 months since your last blog post.

Have no fear. Today we have a list of 5 best practices to help you stockpile a ton of ideas so you never have to stare down that plank page ever again.

1. Compile a list of FAQ's - There's a reason these are called "frequently asked questions”. If more than 1 person has asked you the same question in a meeting or at an event, it's likely a lot of other people want to know the answer as well. Think about questions you get asked daily in your job or at your business and jot them down to create an easy list of topics.  *If you are not the one ‘touching’ the customers/clients it’s also a great idea to include your salespeople and/or project managers in this list gathering activity!

2. Utilize your bookmarks folder - Like I mentioned last week, bookmarking relevant articles and websites is a very underutilized tool. Create a special bookmark folder called "Blog Ideas" and save anything that isn't timely to it. Bookmarking content ideas with a long shelf life will ensure that you'll always have something relevant to post when you need ideas.

3. Pull up your notes app - Despite the fact that we use our phones for everything else in life, for some reason we often forget to use it for storing information on the go. When you're out during the day, quickly pull up the notes app on your phone to jot down ideas or questions that come to mind. Even if you end up throwing some of them out you won't forget the stroke of genius you had in line at Dunkin Donuts. 

4. Sign up for industry newsletters - Find some newsletters related to your industry and sign up for them. Even if you don't read them everyday, you know you can always quickly pull them up for a list of relevant articles and content.  *Or, join groups on the social media platforms you’re active on – even if you don’t participate on a regular basis, these can be great resources as well!

5.  Stalk your competition - Google other businesses in your sphere and see what they're writing about. Look at content that people are responding to and see if you can expand upon it. Have another (better) way of doing something? Use that as a springboard for your next post. Notice a topic that isn't getting a lot of attention? Cross that off the list and don't waste your time.

6.  Or…Get a ‘Year’s Worth of Blogspiration’ – Download our completely FREE PDF to get an entire year’s worth of blog ideas so you'll never end up staring at a blank screen again.

In our free PDF you’ll: Get organized, save time and start putting out more original content designed to drive more website traffic, and convert that traffic into more sales.

  • A full year's worth of blogs ideas designed to drive more traffic to your website, engage more customers and get more sales! 
  •  A bank of blog ideas ready to go at a moment's notice (no more staring at a blank screen with writer's block.

Stop procrastinating and wasting time! Start creating more original content that converts.