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How to Show Up When You Just Don't Want To

Hello there! While I know I promised a blog idea series (and don't worry - part 2 IS coming soon) I took a little detour today. Why? Because I just didn't feel like doing the other blog post. Plain and simple! 😂

I figured a lot of other business owners go through something similar from time-to-time. It can be hard just showing up sometimes. So, here's my thoughts on showing up for yourself and your business when you just don't feel like it. Drop me a comment below or on my FB page and tell me your story.

How to Make More Passive(ish) Income in Your Business

What!? 2 Guest Experts in June!

That's right, starting this month we're bringing you 2 Guest Expert Trainings each month!

So, who did we bring in as our super special 2nd guest expert in June? 

We brought in Affiliate Marketing genius April Lewis, and we're talking all about using your audience to make passive(ish) income each and every month. 

Now, I can see you giving me the side eye. I get that is sounds a little bit sketchy. We've all seen those ads on Facebook promising things that end up not panning out. They end up costing you money (instead of making you money) and leaving you feeling kinda of... yucky...

But, I promise you, this is NOT that! (would I ever do that to you?). April is getting real and sharing every detail of her own journey in Affiliate Marketing (including LEGIT income numbers), and shedding some light on things she's learned along the way. 

To April, affiliate marketing isn't about just selling people things (although the money is a great bi product!), but rather sharing your passion for different products or services. It's about teaching people tools to help make their business, or life, better.

She's telling her own growth story, giving us the 411 on how to find programs that make sense for you, and sharing some of her best tips on how to build upon your success to make more money each month. (And who doesn't want that!?)

If' you've ever considered Affiliate Marketing, or have looked into ways to make more (or even some at all) passive revenue each and every month then this training is for you!

Get her training (PLUS even more amazing content from other guest experts, and your's truly) this month inside The Digital Marketing Hub!

How To Sell Without Being "Salesy"

There's something crazy I've learned in all my years of working with Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. And that's that many of them, are afraid to "sell" their products or services. Here's the deal - you are the #1 sales person for your business. You are the prime champion and advocate for how amazing your products or services are. Don't be afraid to share them with the world!

In this video I dive into:

  1. How you can connect with your customers/clients in an authentic way so they won't mind when you do mention how they can take the next steps in your business.
  2. Why it's SO important to always have an "ask" with every piece of value you offer.
  3. When and how long you should run promotions for to your email lists so they don't get overwhelemed.

Oh! And here's a bonus 4th tip for you that I completely forgot to mention in this video, but one lovely Facebook commenter reminded me off (sometimes I get a little nervous with video, I'm working on it!).

4. Always bring products or services to the table in a way that helps you potential customer or client. Talk about the benefits and how it can solve a problem they have, or fill a need they may have. If you truly believe in what you have to offer and how it can help your customers, than this should be the easiest step for you!

Looking for even more digital marketing tips and tricks? Join our exclusive membership program, The Digital Marketing Hub! 

Our Favorite Business Beach Reads (That Aren't Lame)

A couple times per year we get an inkling for a good book. Especially when the warm weather rolls around, we start looking for something to give us a break from the day to day drudge. Something to inspire us. And something that makes us want to push a little bit harder, or work just a little bit more. But, also, not too lame and "self helpy", as nothing is sure to turn us off faster than "Chicken Soup for the Business Owner's Soul"...

As the summer weather is around the corner, today we’re bringing you some of our favorite business beach reads. Because while we all love to zone out with a trashy magazine, sometimes even down time has to be productive. And as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know that just because the weather warms up, that doesn't mean your free time magically expands (does this mean we don't get summer Fridays?!). But while they may still be business focused, we may have forgotten to mention, that everything on this list will not only inspire you, but entertain you as well. No guilty "down time" here!

So whether you’ve grabbed a day by the beach, or have a couple of minutes before hopping into bed, check out our list of our current favorite reads, sure to get you excited to work the summer away. Ok, maybe “excited” was a little too much…

1. "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living the Good Life" by Mark Manson. Inspired by a blog post that went viral, this read is not for those easily offended by the f-word. If you’re like us, and this word is a part of your daily vocabulary, then we urge you to dive head first into it. Hysterically funny, while offering up some sage advice, this book isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Despite the dismissive title, the focus of the book centers around the idea of learning what is really worth focusing on (and what isn’t worth giving a f*ck about). By letting go of things that aren’t worth your time and energy (like adversity, people who suck your energy, or what other people think about you) you open up the space to actually be productive and happy. Oh, and keep an eye out for everybody’s least favorite superhero, Disappointment Panda, who tells you the cold hard truths about yourself, whether or not you want to hear it.

Oh, and bonus with this one? Subscribe to Mark's blog for monthly inspiration told in his own, unique style.

2. "Get Over Your Damn Self: The No-BS Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business" by Romi Neustadt. Are you catching a theme here? Romi, like our previous author, uses humor and a no-BS style to bring you a full start to finish blueprint to rocking your business. While you don't have to be a network marketer to enjoy the tips, it does focus mainly to how to build a team and push your way to the top (without feeling sorry about it). If you're ready to stop making excuses and start moving forward in your business, Romi gives you a literal step-by-step guide on what changes you need make, and how you can make them. If you have any fears or anxiety keeping you from moving forward in your business, this book is sure to kick them in and give you the pep talk you need to "get over your damn self".

3. "#GIRLBOSS" by Sophia Amoruso.  #GIRLBOSS is written by one of our most favorite "girl bosses", Sophia Amoruso, who is the former Founder and CEO for "Nasty Gal", a $100+ Million dollar fashion retailer. By telling her own journey from dumpster diver to corporate butt kicker, this book is less "self help" and more subtle inspiration. Sometimes hearing about someone else's windy and long journey to the top is just what we need to refocus our own perspective on what amazing things we've accomplished already. While Sophis isn't your traditional "superhero", she offers a fresh perspective on succeeding, failing, and continuing to pick yourself up again until you've reached where you want to be.

Kristin MacRae: 8 Tips to Organize Your Business
8 tips to organizing your small business in Rhode Island.

Whether you’re starting a home based business, a start-up, or you’re already established, you need to read this article.  If you’re disorganized, you’re going to create more work for yourself and you aren’t going to work at your fullest potential.  In order to maintain organization in your office, you’ll need to have systems in place for processing day to day functions.  

Here are 8 systems you’ll need:  

Process your mail. Many people have difficulty with paper management. Most have difficulty setting up and following through with a system.  I can’t stress this enough: Process your mail every day.  As soon as you touch it, either file it, attach to your to- do list to take care of during the week, shred it or handle it right away. It will be easier to take 5 minutes and tackle it when it arrives than to spend hours on it at the end of the month.

Process your email.  Create categorized folders. Have a process to handle an email as soon as you open it. Treat it just as you would treat your physical mail. Decide whether to send it to a folder, trash it, act on it, or print it and attach it to your to-do list. 

Work with a to-do list. Keep a daily to-do list. Make a to-do list every night before you leave work. You’ll know exactly what you need to do when you arrive to work the next day. This process will keep you on track with your day. Clear the mental clutter by getting things out of your head and onto paper. The less clutter you’re carrying around in your mind, the better. 

Filing systems.  Without filings systems, piles will form and chaos will ensue. If you need to locate an important paper, you should be able to locate it in less than 10 seconds. Keep files that you utilize on a daily basis close to you. Files that you use less frequently, you can keep in another area of the office. I’ve seen many important business deals that fell through, found significant sums of money and very important documents in piles of papers on desks because business owners didn’t have filing systems in place. 

Keep track of your bills. If you’re receiving bills through the mail, create a system where the bills aren’t lying around on your desk buried under papers. Incorporate due dates into your calendar to remind you to pay and file immediately after you pay them. 

Business cards. Every business owner I work with has issues with business cards.  You must develop a system to file your business cards. Whether it is through electronics or good old rolodex, or a binder with clear card inserts, you must have a system. Be realistic, how often do you refer to them? 

Workspace.  Have a place for everything at your desk. Only keep items you use on a daily basis on your desk top.  Have an organized pile that you need to work on the next day with your to-do list on top of the pile. Try to avoid having a corkboard at your desk with too much information pinned to it. Less is more. Utilize drawer organizers and organizing supplies to keep you organized. 

Time management.  Be as efficient and productive as you can be. If you’re a disorganized person, you have to get organized in order to have great time management skills. Take a look at your physical space, get organized and then you’ll realize that your time management skills may fall into place. Look at the way you function. I’m always trying to find an easier way to do something. How long does it take you to complete a task? Can you take it from 8 steps to 4?

Just because your fellow business owners have a smooth system that works for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Evaluate how you function and create a system that works for you. The more complicated the system, the more likely it is to failure. Keep the system simple and streamlined. Many offices I work with have made attempts at getting organized, but the systems have failed and a new attempt at another system was never made. Once you create a system, re-visit the system in a couple of months and tweak what isn’t working to make it work better for you.

Kristin M. MacRae, Organizing & Efficiency Expert, Owner, Organizing In RI, LLC