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Add a little personality.... But only a little!

Branding is one thing, but who says we can't have room for a little personality. People are usually afraid to take risks online. I often hear,  “I didn’t know if I should post it, so I didn’t post anything.” In reality, that is the definition of entrepreneurship! The most successful figures have taken risks that most people could not execute or even imagine. You never know what will work for your business, and speak to your customers, until you try it yourself. Who says it's wrong to have both “business” AND “party” in the front?

Many business owners choose to keep their business and personal lives separate; They have separate Facebook profiles, separate Twitter accounts, and separate behaviors. But, sometimes it may be beneficial to combine pieces of your personal life one your business page. Some of the most popular photographers and artists add jokes, quotes, or personal beliefs to their work which attract audiences to their genuine and likable personality. Use it as an asset, not a liability.

For the truly observant readers, you may have seen this coming as well. As with that delicious cheesecake sitting in the fridge, maybe it's better to just have one slice instead of the whole pie. Just because you CAN personalize your business, doesn't mean you always SHOULD. Be weary of posting political, religious, overly-biased, or controversial content that could alienate current or potential clients. Be friendly without being obnoxious or in-your-face. 

Take all of this advice with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, you as the owner have the final say of what is included and excluded. Clientele will definitely appreciate a friendly or personable business strategy rather than a strict and structured corporate mentality; This doesn't mean there isn't room for professionalism as well. Treat your business like making new friendships and it'll pay you back tenfold.