Fall Motivational Hacks: Books, Podcasts & Mindfulness Practices

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Way back in May, Amy shared her ‘Favorite Business Beach Reads (That Aren’t Lame)’   with hopes of keeping our followers motivated while they enjoyed all the fun of summer.   Now that it’s officially Fall, we’ve decided to share Tuni’s favorite motivational hacks to hopefully get everyone inspired to double down and get hyper focused on growing their businesses this season.

Tuni’s Book Pile...filled with daily, positive information

Tuni’s Book Pile...filled with daily, positive information

Tips from Tuni…

I love to surround myself with positive influences that motivate me daily to be better and do better.  It’s a proven fact that what is around you does matter.  I’m sure many of you have read about the affect of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most?  If not, check out this article…it’s super interesting!   

Obviously, this means a little something different for everyone but whatever it is for you...from the people you choose to surround yourself with, like the article talks about, to the information you consume, to your literal surroundings...the good news is, for most of us, it is within our control!  
There are more motivational tools than ever readily (and literally) available at our fingertips.  But, what motivates each of us is different.  What is it that motivates you?
For me, it’s everything from the motivational signs in my home and in our Hub Digital office, to being surrounded by works of art, at work (our coworking space is also an art gallery, lucky us!) and at home, to exposure to natural light, making sure I get plenty of time outside and in nature (this is absolutely non-negotiable), to waking up in the morning and beginning 12-16 hours of hard core knowledge consumption – industry news/articles, blogs and articles through LinkedIn, Twitter, email newsletters and on and on and always at some point in the day, usually at the end…reading a book.  I also attend webinars & trainings regularly, watch informational and motivational videos, listen to informative industry podcasts EVERY day when I exercise and…on and on.

Artwork by  Haley Nannig

Artwork by Haley Nannig

Tuni’s Favorites

Great motivational videos:

Gary Vaynerchuk’s ‘DailyVee’

Marie Forleo’s ‘Marie TV’

Favorite podcasts:

The Tim Ferriss Show

Dan Shure’s Experts on the Wire

Freakonomics Radio Podcast

Another motivational hack I’ve really been committed to these last few months, that I’ve found to make a HUGE difference, is beginning and ending the day with a gratitude practice – I like to think of at least 5 things that I’m grateful for.   I usually go way beyond just 5 things!  Committing to this practice has been a real game changer for me and I find I also use it during the day if something stressful occurs.  Being able to shift focus from a negative experience and emotion to gratitude can transform negative energy in an instant.

I think, for all of us, self-awareness is key.  The older I get, the more I’m able to look back on mistakes I’ve made (and hopefully learned a ton from!), and the more I’m aware of the importance of taking the time to focus on understanding what I’m good at, what I enjoy doing, and what I want to focus on.  Being mindful of everything from what is most important to me in life, how I behave (what triggers certain behavior/actions), and what I want to focus on in business has really helped me grow in ways that are clearly positive.  While I (and anyone that knows me) realize I'm a bit of an anomaly...we ALL have the ability & responsibility to find whatever it is that lights our fire and continue to rock that thing! 

What lights your fire and what positive influences do you surround yourself with?

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