Hub Digital's Favorite Marketing Tips

Hub Digital is an online and digital marketing consultant agency in Rhode Island.

We often get asked what is the one tip, or the most impactful thing, we like to tell clients. Today, the Hub Digital team has gone through our entire toolbox and picked out our favorite ones of the bunch. 

Tuni’s favorite marketing tip…

Self Awareness.  Who are you, what do you do and, most importantly, WHY do you do it?  What makes you or your business different and stand out from your competition?  What do you enjoy most about your business or work?  What seems to get the best response from your clients or customers?  Where do sales come from?  Follow the money…where do you generate the greatest margin and/or what part of your business generates the most revenue?  

So, just like me, this tip is simple and complex at the same time but I promise that the clearer you are on the answers to these questions the easier it will be to grow your business!  

Then, one of my other favorite tips (after you have the answers to these questions) is to share.  Share your expertise with your followers through blogging, email campaigns (permission based of course), social media posts, contributing to relevant groups, writing articles and so on.   Remember two things: people do business with people and businesses that they know, like and trust and building that brand trust is key.  I always say ‘help them help you’ and by physically networking, blogging, emailing your list and staying active on social media you will build a loyal engaged following that will convert to sales and grow your business.  Doing what you love (or at the very least enjoy) and really honing in on your unique value proposition(s) then sharing will help them help you…promise!  

Amy’s favorite marketing tip…

Want to do something? Chances are there's a tool for that! There are so many cool platforms and software companies out there that are helping to make marketing a little easier. Often times you may be trying to bootstrap your processes or are wasting time on outdated techniques. Do some research around what you need in your business to reach or connect with new clients or conduct your day-to-day business.  

Some of my favorites:

Satori - Do your clients/customers need to make appointments for meetings or calls with you? Link Satori with your Google Calendar and the times of the day you're available for them, for streamlined scheduling. Now, right through your website or a link you send them, they can see when you're available and pick the time that works for both of you! Their information is then saved right in Satori where you can automate reminder emails, send out surveys or paperwork prior to your meetings, or follow up with contracts they need to sign. 

Buffer - While we don't normally recommend scheduling your social posts through a 3rd party scheduler (stats have shown your organic reach actually decreases when you use them), sometimes it's a necessary evil. If your choice is between scheduling in advance or not posting at all - we definitely recommend choosing the former. Of all the scheduling tools we've found Buffer to be the easiest to use and it provides some of the better stats and feedback so you can evaluate what is working and what isn't. 

Zoom - We've discovered this recently at the recommendation of other industry leaders. Zoom is a super streamlined, easy to use video conferencing platform that you can use to not only schedule calls or have meetings with clients that aren't in your area, but you can use it to host webinars to large audiences. A really cool bonus? You can go live in Facebook right in Zoom so you can broadcast your webinars or talks to your audience on there with just one click. 

Mailchimp - Have you struggled with finding an email platform that works for you? Depending on your emailing needs, Mailchimp is FREE up to 2000 subscribers and offers clean templates and great stats so you can easily track open rates, click thrus and manage your lists. There are also amazing automated tools you can set up to save yourself time and a low monthly rate that won't break the bank.