What's Inside "Big SEO For Small Businesses"?

SEO online classes from Hub Digital Marketing in Rhode Island.

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Hub Digital MArketing Rhode Island - Big SEO For Small Businesses

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But now that we've got your attention, we wanted to spend some time really diving into our newest course, "Big SEO For Small Businesses". One of the things we're sure you're wondering is why you should invest in this? What's included and what are you, and your business, going to get out of it?

Well, the number one question we get asked is "how can I get my website to the first page in Google Search"? Well, here's your answer. "Big SEO For Small Businesses" is a complete, proven, strategic roadmap to moving your website up in search. 

It's clear, easy-to-follow, and perfect for those:

-  Who have some SEO experience
-  Who have zero SEO experience
- Or those who don't even know what SEO is. 

We're guessing you fall into one of these three categories...

And best of all, it's presented to you in 15 easy-to-follow modules that you can dive into on your own schedule.

Modules 1 - 3 - WHY SEO
In the first 3 lessons we'll walk you through:

  • Why SEO is important and why you can't just "buy" it.
  • The 2 different strategies around search and how you can rock each of them.
  • And get you prepared for future lessons by diving deep into finding the perfect keywords and key phrases you want to show up for in search complete with handy printouts for guided brainstorming.

Modules 4 - 6 - ON-PAGE SEO
Lessons 4, 5 and 6 are where we get technical. We'll walk you through:

  • How to incorporate those keywords on the front and backend of your website.
  • We'll completely explain Metadata, how it helps with SEO, and how you can optimize it on your website, no previous experience required.
  • As well as how to take advantage of linking throughout your site to spread around the SEO juice.

Sounds overwhelming? Don't worry! We'll take you through each step complete with handy tech guides and how-to's for your specific website platform.

This is sure to become a favorite lesson you'll want to go back to time and time again. 
In it we'll be showing you:

  • The in's and out's of Google Search Console (soon to be your favorite tool for your business)
  • How you can use it to track your progress and see exactly how everything is working for you.

Modules 8 - 8.5 - BLOGGING
These six lessons dive deep into one of the most important things you can do for long term traffic and sales growth, blogging.

  • We turn "blog" from a 4-letter word into a streamlined strategy that will do some serious heavy lifting for your brand.
  • We show you the best days and times to post for maximum engagement.
  • Check out a full list of topic starters so you never run out of blogging ideas again.
  • Optimize your blog posts to drive huge traffic all while saving you time.

Modules 9 - 11 - OFF-PAGE SEO
The final lessons in this class take you beyond the basics as we explore:

  • How to use video to increase SEO.
  • Discover the importance of getting links on your site (and how to do it).
  • And introduce you to our favorite FREE tool for instant first page placement in local search.

These lessons are designed to help you take your SEO strategy into something that will serve your for months and years to come.

We told you - it's a complete A-Z roadmap of EVERYTHING you need for a successful SEO strategy WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on an SEO "expert" or a company in India to attempt to do it for you.

It's the ONLY SEO course you'll ever need.

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