The Foolproof Guide to Coding Your Site for SEO (Hint: No Coding Required!)

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When you do a web search, what information are you searching for? Chances are that you are looking for something very specific, be it business hours, a phone number, or a physical address to plug into your GPS. Did you know that these bits of information comprise what is known as structured data?

Generally speaking, structured data is coding that you add to your site to pull out important information for Google to know what is on the page. It is usually information that the searcher wants, e.g. hours, phone number, even reviews and ratings. Google loves and favors sites with structured data and websites with it rank higher and get more click-throughs. (And who doesn’t want that?)

We’ve talked about structured data in our Facebook Group and in our classes and we realize that for some people who don’t have much knowledge of HTML, the process can be a little intimidating. The thought of coding can give you the cold-sweats. But here is something to be thankful can add structured data without coding for HTML and implement this key tool on your own website.

In addition to being a great option for people with no experience with coding, this is great for people who have website builders that do not let them play around with code. This structured data strategy works for any type of business.

The first step in implementation is to set up your website in the Google Search Console. A super helpful tool that you should set up if you haven’t already!

Hub Digital’s own Amy Fields explains the process in this easy to follow video:

So, as you can now clearly see, using structured data to boost your website ranking and to give your searchers and potential customers more of what they want should be the next task to check off on your SEO to-do list.

Structure is good!

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