Can My Business Use Instagram?

So, I started writing this post really as a way to convince myself to get on Instagram. Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE the platform and use it personally and professionally for some of my clients. I know I, and many others, have seen HUGE amounts of traffic driven through Instagram posts. However, I've never created an account specifically for Hub Digital. My reasoning has always been, "What would I post about?". Let's be honest, marketing is not very exciting. It's a challenge just to get people to read my blog or Facebook posts. How am I supposed to come up with exciting, cool images that will get people to follow me related to marketing?

Well after doing a little bit of research, I found that utilizing social media platforms like Instagram IS doable for service based businesses like mine (and I'm sure plenty of you). Below are a list of tips and ideas on how you can rock an Instagram account even if you think you don't naturally have great content for it.

1. Go Behind The Scenes - You may not think your life is super exciting but you'd be surprised how interested people are in what it takes to get your job done. Throughout your day take pictures of the little moments that make your business what it is. Driving a long distance for a client? Take a picture and post about the new area you discovered. Came across a cute dog on a service call? Snap a pic and post about your new little companion for the day.

2. Give Advice, Accompanied with a Fun Picture - People love free advice. If you can combine that with an eye catching image it's ten times better. As an example, if you're a tax professional you could snap a pic of an over-packed closet and remind people that clothes donations are tax deductible. 

3. Be Inspirational - Who doesn't love an inspirational quote? Post something that speaks to you and your brand. Keep it in your brand's colors or fonts to really play up who you are. Relate it back to your business and inspire people to move forward with something.

4. Take Advantage of a Holiday - Check your calendar and make sure to take advantage of any holiday's, big events, sports games, anniversaries, etc. It's always great to stay relevant and on top of current events. If you're running out of ideas - make sure you check out the Days of The Year calendar. It has a bunch of fun, internet holidays that you could take advantage of such as "Be Kind to Lawyers Day" or "Blueberry Pie Day"

5. Post a Testimonial - Don't just tell, but show, how your service can benefit your clients. Screenshot or create a little meme with some of your latest and greatest testimonials. Sprinkle them throughout your instagram feed for instant impressiveness.