To some.. Blog is a 4 letter word...

    Blogging. This rapidly growing method of writing has changed the way readers access entertainment and information in our hustle-and-bustle world. The attention span of the common site-goer is now a mere few seconds. In fact, some of you, I may have lost already. But for those of you that stuck around, I drew you in with a one-word sentence: “Blogging”. If this is what it takes to trick people into reading, then I am game. Come sit by the campfire and let me share some knowledge about blogging.

    Blogging is usually the one thing that elicits groans from my clients. It usually carries a negative connotation of dudes in their underwear, sitting in their mother's basement furiously typing away. However, it's time to shift your mindset, and realize that blogging is no longer for beauty tips and gamers. It has become a very effective tool for businesses.

The time frame of blog posts is vital to its impending rise or demise. Blogging favors the tendency of short and frequent posts as opposed to long-winded documents that are released on an occasional basis. The brevity of the blogs speaks again to the attention span of most readers. This means that a blog should have a new post AT LEAST once every two weeks. But, they should serve as constant reminders without being written off as spam or annoyances. 

    If you plan on running or contributing to a blog, it may be hard to stay focused and consistent. Starting with passionate topics is an easy tool to spark material. Simply put, people are more likely to do things that they truly enjoy doing. When feeling up for it, write more than one blog on related topics   to save for easier posting at a later date. Another roadblock for blogs is lack of content/disorganization. Brainstorming is an efficient exercise to help unscramble your brain while getting topics out in clear matter. Jot down a list of ideas and save for easy access later one. Preparation for writing is just as important as the actual writing. 

     Blogs are not only pertinent to entertainment but business as well. They can help a company's SEO exposure through certain code words, site visits/views, and links from other websites. Businesses can stay ahead of the game by using blogs as a casual yet informative means of communication to peers and customers/clients. After all, as time has proven again and again, digital communication can usually be one of the most effective.